My automatic watch is gaining (or losing) more than 1 minute per day - what do I do?

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Most of the time, variance in mechanical timekeeping is caused by magnetization. Don't worry, this issue can be easily resolved.

If your watch is gaining or losing more than 1 minute per day, the watch has very likely become "magnetized" - this can happen to any automatic timepiece from a variety of everyday circumstances. Here's an article with more information on it

There are a few routes we can take here! 

If you'd like to handle it yourself, you can actually pick up a demagnetizer online for only $15 - it's incredibly easy to use, and then you'll have one on hand for any future need.

If you're not interested in picking up your own demagnetizer, the fastest and easiest way to handle it would be to go to your local watch repair shop or jeweler - be sure to call first, but they should be able to demagnetize the watch very quickly for $5-$10. 

Alternately, our service center can take care of it if this is your preferred route, though this will be significantly slower than handling the issue locally - shoot us an email in this case.

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