When was Vaer founded?

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Vaer was founded in 2016 by Ryan Torres and Reagan Cook in Venice Beach, California.

Ryan and Reagan's earliest conversations around starting a watch company started in late-2015 at a public library on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Los Angeles. Ryan and Reagan were working together at a tech company at the time, and shared an interest in entrepreneurship, design, and adventure sports.

"Back in 2015, I was surfing a ton before work and I needed a watch to know what time it was in the water so that I could make it into the office on time. On a post-undergrad budget, I needed something in the $100-$200 price point, but everything that was durable enough to surf with was rubberized & ugly, and everything that looked good was of really poor quality materials. The idea to fuse durability and aesthetic at an affordable price point led to Vaer."

- Ryan Torres, Vaer Co-Founder

The first year of business for the company was 2016, though the initial 12 months were dedicated to product development, manufacturing, and business operations. Vaer's name was chosen in the summer of 2016, approximately 6 months into starting the watch business.

"Despite starting the business in an era dominated by fast-fashion, luxury status, and constant connectivity, we felt confident that there was still a place for simple, well-built, analog watches."

- Reagan Cook, Vaer Co-Founder

Funded by the founder's collective life savings, Vaer officially opened sales in 2017, relying on the support of family and friends to get the company off the ground. Since then, the business has slowly gained traction with communities of watch enthusiasts and outdoorsmen, and remains 100% founder-owned as of 2023.

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