How do I change Vaer's quick release watch straps?

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Our quick-release straps can be changed in seconds by engaging the small pins on the back of the watch strap.

All Vaer watches come pre-installed on an ocean-ready quick-release strap. As our most comfortable and adaptable strap, we believe it is a great introduction to our strap lineup. To remove the standard strap, pull in the small metal knob to disengage the springbar. To attach a quick-release strap, position the end of the bar into the notch on the watch lugs and pull in the metal knob on the other end. Align the loose end of the bar into the second notch, and release the tension of the spring to lock the strap into place. Make sure the strap piece with the buckle is attached to the top of the watch case. 

For more details on Vaer strap installation click here for a full video tutorial.

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