When was the first solar watch invented?

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The first solar watch was invented in 1977 by the Japanese watch manufacturer Seiko.

The watch was called the Seiko Solar 7549-7000, and it used a small solar panel to convert light into electrical energy to power the watch's quartz movement.

The Seiko Solar 7549-7000 was a significant advance in watch technology, as it eliminated the need for a battery and made the watch much more environmentally friendly. The watch was also more reliable than battery-powered watches, as it didn't require regular battery changes.

Seiko continued to refine the technology behind solar watches, and in 1986, the company introduced the first solar-powered watch with a rechargeable battery. This technology made solar watches even more efficient and reduced the need for direct sunlight to power the watch.

Today, solar watches are a popular choice among consumers who want an environmentally friendly watch that requires minimal maintenance. Vaer sells a wide range of solar-powered watches and they are one of the most popular models for customers seeking a durable outdoor timekeeping solution.

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