What is lume on a watch?

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Lume, short for "luminous material," is a type of phosphorescent substance that is applied to the hands, markers, and/or dials of a watch to make them visible in low-light conditions.

Lume is typically used on watches that are designed for outdoor or sports activities, or that are intended for use in low-light conditions such as diving.

Lume is usually made of a mixture of phosphors and a binder and is often applied to the watch using a paint or ink. The lume absorbs light during the day or when exposed to bright light, and then slowly releases that stored energy as a glow in the dark.

The color and brightness of the lume can vary depending on the type of phosphors used and the quality of the application. Some watches have very bright and long-lasting lume that can remain visible for several hours after being charged by a light source, while others may have weaker lume that fades quickly.

Lume is often applied to the hands and hour markers of a watch, and may also be used to illuminate other features such as the bezel or dial. Some watches have lume on the entire dial or on specific indicators that are used for diving or other activities.

Overall, lume is a useful feature on a watch that can improve its visibility and usability in low light conditions. However, the quality and brightness of the lume can vary depending on the watch and the manufacturer, so it is important to choose a watch with high-quality lume if this feature is important to you.

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