What is the crown on a watch?

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The crown is a small knob or button located on the side of a watch case that is used to wind the watch, set the time, and adjust various other functions.

The crown is typically located at the 3 o'clock position on a watch case, although it can be located at other positions depending on the design of the watch.

When the crown is in its normal position, it is pushed in against the case of the watch and is not used to make any adjustments to the watch's functions. When the crown is pulled out one or two notches, it can be used to adjust the date, time, or other functions of the watch. In some watches, the crown may be used to adjust additional functions such as a second time zone or a chronograph.

When the crown is pulled out to its furthest position, it can be used to wind the watch manually. In watches with automatic movements, the crown may also be used to manually wind the watch if it has not been worn for an extended period of time and the mainspring has run down.

On all Vaer watches the crown is screwed into the watch case to ensure that it is water-resistant and to prevent dust and debris from entering the watch movement. In some watches, like our R1 chronograph, the crown may be accompanied by additional buttons or pushers that are used to control additional functions of the watch.

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