What was the first Vaer watch?

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Our first model was the minimalist C5 Classic quartz - which was available in both white and dark navy color variants.

The very first Vaer watch was released in early 2017, with initial product development taking place over the previous twelve months of 2016.

"Our original design goals were simple and straightforward - ocean ready, durable, and great looking. We haven't deviated from those goals since day one."

- Ryan Torres, Vaer Co-Founder

While simple and unassuming, the very first Vaer showcased a variety of brand trademarks that remain core to our watches to this very day, most notably:

  1. 10ATM Water Resistance with a Screwdown Crown
  2. 2x Interchangeable Straps
  3. AR-coated Sapphire Crystal
  4. Slim, Low-Profile 316L Stainless Steel Case
  5. Iconic Blue Vaer Watch Box
"While our core aesthetic design quickly shifted into field and tool watch oriented designs, the original classic communicates our interest in building an 'undercover' ocean watch - something that's refined and timeless, that can stand up to any form of outdoor activity. "

- Reagan Cook, Vaer Co-Founder

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