Where can I find a list of Vaer watch reviews?

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We believe that the more you learn about our brand, the more likely you will be to purchase a watch.

If you're looking for feedback on the build quality and customer experience of our watches and straps you can reference the following resources:

1) Full List of Vaer Customer Reviews - Go straight to the source, and see what our owners have to say. Be prepared, there's a lot of reading involved. Many of our reviews are hundreds of words long and detail complex purchasing and usage experiences. Here's a small preview of what to expect:

"I don't write many reviews; probably less than 10 in my whole life. I'm like Ron Swanson, where my recommendation is a personal guarantee of my experience. I've had the C5 field black quartz watch for maybe two years now before the site was updated and they had automatic watches. During this time small independent businesses need the respect and reviews they deserve, whether good or bad.

I live in Colorado and see myself as a somewhat active person. I'm outside regularly for fun with lots of hobbies and I hit the gym roughly 4 days a week. I'm the beginning I was cycling this watch with about two others. I wore the nato strap mostly and shuffled in the leather strap for going out. I did this for a while and really enjoyed this watch with the leather strap specifically and got many compliments. Aside from others I enjoyed this watch myself significantly. Then when the silicon straps came out a little bit ago the game was changed. Silicon straps are much more comfortable on the wrist for everyday wear to the majority of people. Plus their straps have many "latching holes" which offer more adjustability even furthering specific comfort.

What about the durability of the watch? Day in and day out its been strapped on my wrist. I boat with this watch. I hang out in rivers with this watch. Used it in a chemical lab daily as I'm a chemist. I've gotten rained on, snowed on, been in blistering heat, fully submerged this watch, been rammed by some testy goats I was trying to help, and sported it out on the town for some inebriated shenanigans where who knows what happened to it happened. As soon as the silicon band came out this watch became my only watch. I literally have only worn a dress watch three other times since having it. I try and keep my possessions in as good a shape as possible so that helps, but I could probably sell this watch to someone as if I've only had it for a month.

I'm OCD and every once in a while sync my watch with an atomic clock and it holds very well. There's no need to worry about the accuracy. With all of this said of course I've only had the watch for about two years, and I only have a sample size of one watch, but my watch has performed above my expectations enduring, at times, some strenuous conditions. Early on I even had some questions about the leather strap and the owner responded promptly and was as helpful as you could hope. Other people's watches mileage might differ but hopefully, I can come back here in another 5 years and write an even better review. If you're on the verge of pulling the trigger on this watch just do it. I was you two years ago and I pity you for not having it for as long as I have."

2) Press Reviews and Coverage - If you're skeptical of the opinions of normal people and prefer to hear what editorial outlets have to say, fear not! We also have a detailed list of all our press coverage. From Hodinkee and Worn & Wound to GQ and Gear Patrol, almost all the major names in men's accessory news have had nice things to say about Vaer.

3) Youtube Reviews - If the mainstream media feels too biased for you, we still have other 3rd party sources vouching for our product quality. You can find a full playlist of independent Youtube reviews on our channel.

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