What does the name Vaer mean?

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We came up with the name Vaer in 2016, when we launched the company. The word Vaer is our invention, but it is inspired by a long list of other languages.

Reagan and Ryan came up with the name for their company in the summer of 2016 (about 6 months after starting the business). They were specifically motivated by the need to trademark a name and logo that was easily indentifiable, meaningful, and unique.

While the company has always been based around an American brand identity, it was also important to find a name that had a universal appeal and didn't suggest any specific national identity. Because of horology's deep connection to European history, and the founder's personal interest in 20th-century European modernist design, the languages of that region were an important reference point for researching a name.

Vær in Norwegian means ‘weather’, and in Danish it means ‘to exist’. In Old English wer, pronounced Vaer, means "Man" (most commonly seen today in the word werewolf). In French vert (pronounced Vaer) is the word for the color green and in German, Wehr (also pronounced Vaer) means defender/protector. Additionally, ver in Latin is the root of veritas which means truth. To summarize, we chose the name because it’s a nice-sounding word with positive associations across a wide range of languages.

In initially choosing the name for the brand, we took a page from the examples of "Nike" & "Rolex" and embraced a brand mark that is short, pronounceable, and unique.

- Reagan Cook, Vaer Co-Founder

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