Can I swim with my Vaer watch?

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You can absolutely swim, surf, snorkel, scuba do anything else in-water with your Vaer watch.

If you didn't know it already - ALL Vaer watches include a waterproof warranty. Which is our way of saying, if you can flood it, we'll replace it (as long as your crown is sealed and you're within your 2 year warranty).

If you do take your watch in the ocean we recommend rinsing the straps and watch case in freshwater after ocean use to remove any build-up of salt. This is especially important with our Dive watches, which will experience a tightened or even jammed bezel action after extended salt exposure. To resolve this issue, simply soak your watch in warm freshwater.

"The need to tell time in the water while surfing was a key driver in creating Vaer watches. We wanted a great looking, affordable watch that could be used in the ocean, and we've stayed true to that goal over the years."

- Ryan Torres, Vaer Co-Founder

What about Vaer straps?

While all of our watches are suited for in-water use, we do not recommend using any of our leather straps in the water. While leather is water-resistant, extended submersion can warp and damage the product - and we always recommend you switch to your Vaer ocean-ready straps for water-based activities (that's why we include 2x straps 😎 ).

"I would wager that Ryan and I spend more time in the ocean than just about any other watch-company owners in the industry. Living by the beach in Southern California and surfing on a daily basis has always informed our product decisions and kept us connected with the priorities of fellow watermen."

- Reagan Cook

Why is Vaer so confident in its water resistance?

Vaer Watches are rated to 10ATM or 100 meters of water-resistance, but that's just the start of the story.

1) Unlike a lot of brands, we individually pressure test our watches - meaning all watches we sell have passed an initial waterproof verification.

2) Our watches have a caseback and crown that use a threaded screw-down design to maintain an airtight seal.

IMPORTANT! - Do not expose your watch to water or steam if the crown is not secure. Our waterproof warranty does not cover flooding from misuse if the crown is unlocked.

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