What is a stem on a watch?

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The stem is a small, cylindrical metal piece attached to the crown that is used to wind and set the time on a watch. It is typically located on the side of the watch case and is connected to the watch movement inside the case.

The stem is accessed via the crown and can be pulled out to set the time or date, or pushed in to wind the watch. When the stem is pulled out, it disengages the watch movement from the gear train that powers the hands, allowing the user to set the time or date by turning the stem. When the stem is pushed in, it engages the gear train and starts the watch movement running again.

In addition to setting the time and date, the stem may also be used to operate other functions on the watch, such as a chronograph or alarm. Some watches have multiple stems or buttons on the case that can be used to access different functions or settings.

It is important to handle the stem carefully, as it is a delicate part of the watch mechanism. Pulling or pushing too hard on the stem can damage the watch movement or cause the stem to become detached from the case. If the stem is ever difficult to turn or feels loose, it should be taken to a professional watchmaker for repair (or escalated to Vaer service and support).

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