Where in the USA are Vaer watches assembled?

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Vaer is headquartered in Venice, California. Our watches are assembled around the world, but our base of USA assembly is in Scottsdale, Arizona.

American assembly is a big part of our brand and currently represents around 65% of all of our sales by revenue. As of 2021, nearly all of our assembly is facilitated by our team in Scottsdale, Arizona - which is a world-class assembly facility on par with the very best options around the world (including Switzerland).

"Shifting the bulk of our assembly to the US has enabled us to take huge leaps in watch quality over the years. Working directly with our assembly technicians gives us direct access to design feedback, which we leverage to make improvements on a variety of elements. Whether it's shifting hand pinion heights, adjusting the tension on crown springs, or changing gasket thicknesses by a fraction of a millimeter, these updates allow us to better our watches with each batch & would likely go unnoticed with purely overseas assembly. "

- Ryan Torres, Vaer Co-Founder

When we started our US-based assembly in 2018, it all took place in Los Angeles with a variety of small local teams. This approach proved challenging to scale, and our current team in Arizona is a huge step forward for the brand.

Beyond our core USA assembly in Arizona, which covers popular models such as the Vaer C3, C5, D4, A5 and D5 we also have assembly teams in China (S3/S5) and Switzerland (D7, G7, A12). The cost of assembly in these countries is reflected in the final retail price, and allows customers to purchase the watch that best suits their assembly origin priorities.

"Based on an hourly wage USA assembly costs about the same as Swiss assembly, around $60 per hour - this is obviously a huge difference from China where the hourly wage is around $3."

- Reagan Cook, Vaer Co-Founder

Beyond our watches, our premium leather straps are fully "Made in the USA." As of 2022, we work with two teams, one based in Florida, and the other is based in North Carolina.

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Are Vaer watches actually Made in USA?