Are Vaer watches homages?

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All Vaer watches integrate original designs. However, many models (like the A12 Dirty Dozen) draw influence from historical examples.

There are plenty of brands out there that make what we would consider “homage” watches, which are essentially copies of an existing watch with changes to the logo. Our watches would not fall under this classification.

While we absolutely take influence from iconic watches (the A12 Dirty Dozen, and C3 Korean Field are deeply influenced by military issue watches of the 1940s and 1950s), we have always made an effort to use unique dial arrangements, handsets, case aesthetics, and of course logo and brand marks.

Many of our watches blend elements from a variety of historical influences. As an example, our Dive case (D4, D5, D7) is a unique blend of 1960s Omega, and Rolex military dive watches - combining the flowing lug shape of early Seamaster designs, with the crown and oversized coin-edge bezel style of military spec Submariners.

In conclusion, our watches are a fusion of elements from historical watches that we love, and that fusion comes together to create something unique.

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