How do you install a single-pass watch strap?

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Stuck with extra fabric at the end of your single-pass Vaer strap? Simply tuck the extra-length back in the keeper loops.

Here at Vaer, we love the form and function of single pass-style watch straps. These rugged nylon watch straps are the ideal option for extreme outdoor conditions, such as big wave surf conditions where the risk of a spring bar failure is increased. Unlike a traditional watch strap, which is made of two pieces and attached to the watch with removable springbars, our nylon single pass straps are made of a single piece that can be removed or installed in seconds.

"Over the years, I keep coming back to the single pass strap as my daily wearer. We've released a huge variety of fantastic straps in our lineup, but nothing beats the simplicity and durability of a single pass strap for everyday use"

Ryan Torres, Vaer Co-Founder

To install a Vaer single-pass strap you will need to remove the standard quick release straps and install springbars between the lugs of your watch. Once the bars are in place, simply feed the tail end of the single pass strap through each of the two springbars starting from the top of the watch. Depending on the size of your wrist you may have an extra length of nylon extending beyond the last keeper loop. Simply fold back the tag end of the strap through the keep. To secure the extra length, feed the strap back toward the buckle until it is tightly secured.

All Vaer single pass straps are sold with a glass vial containing heavy duty 20mm springbars, and a stainless steel springbar tool.

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