What's the difference between the Vaer's premium and standard stainless steel bracelet?

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- The Standard Bracelet has a 20mm to 18mm taper, cotter (push) links, quick release pins, and a standard dive clasp.

- The Premium Bracelet has a 20mm to 16mm taper, screw links, quick release pins, an upgraded clasp, and a higher level of finishing.

To adjust the size of the bracelets, you will need to remove link sections. Adjustment will vary between our “Premium” and “Standard” Bracelets. Our “Premium” bracelets are held together by screw links - these screws can be removed by an eyeglass flathead screwdriver (~1.4mm). Our “Standard” Bracelets are held together by cotter pins - unless you have the proper toolkit, we recommend sizing the bracelet at a local jeweler or watch shop. Once you have a close fit through the removal of links, you can make micro-adjustments by choosing one of four positions for the bracelet to attach to the clasp.

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