When was the first meca-quartz watch invented?

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The first meca-quartz watch was invented in 1984 by the Japanese watch manufacturer Seiko.

The watch was called the Seiko Chronograph Quartz Sports 150, and it combined the precision of a quartz movement with the mechanical feel of a traditional chronograph.

The meca-quartz movement used a quartz oscillator to regulate timekeeping, but it also included a mechanical module that controlled the chronograph function. This module was activated by a traditional pusher on the side of the watch, giving the watch a more tactile and mechanical feel than a traditional quartz chronograph.

Meca-quartz watches deliver a unique value proposition in the world of timekeeping, offering the accuracy of a quartz movement with the charm of a traditional mechanical chronograph. The meca-quartz movement was also more affordable than a traditional mechanical chronograph, making it accessible to a wider range of buyers.

In 2022, Vaer released our first meca-quartz movement the R1 Racing Chronograph, which is powered by a Seiko VK-63 movement.

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