Why is Vaer's roulette date wheel only red on every 4th day?

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The D5 Tropic's date wheel is a fun detail that calls attention to Vaer's consistent use of tetradic design.

While it's not immediately obvious, many aspects of Vaer's brand design revolve around the number 4 - from the logo and brand mark's 4 numerals, to the repeated use of 4x symmetrical markers on the dial, to the 4x links and micro-adjustments on our bracelets.

This is an early design choice that we like to describe as a tetradic design language (relating to sets of 4). It was inspired by examples from car manufacturers like Audi (sets of 4, tetradic) and Mercedes Benz (sets of 3, tertiary).

While watch dials generally revolve around sets of 12 - also known as dodecadic design, we think that a focus on the number 4 is a great way to add consistency across our lineup and create a level of distinction and differentiation to our brand aesthetic.

In addition to the highlighted 4th day on our calendar date wheel, one of the best examples of our tetradic design can be seen in the four circular indices at the 2, 4, 8, 10 o'clock positions of many models.

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