What is a sapphire crystal in watches?

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Sapphire crystal is a premium type of glass used in watches and other consumer products due to its powerful scratch resistance.

All Vaer watches use a sapphire crystal for the main dial display, and our mechanical watches also use sapphire crystal for the exhibition caseback. Sapphire crystal is the highest quality watch crystal material. It offers increased scratch resistance and durability over the mineral crystal and is the second hardest material on the planet, behind the diamond.

Sapphires are generally known as rare gemstones that form naturally. But just like diamonds, sapphires can be made synthetically. The glass material is made from heating crystalline aluminum oxides to above 3,600 ºF. The synthetic sapphire is then cut with diamond saws, ground down to size, polished, and coated with an anti-reflective finish. Our sapphire crystal is rated 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, compared to 5 for mineral glass, and 3 for acrylic glass. The only material that’s more scratch-resistant, would be diamond, which is rated 10/10. 

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