What does COSC certification in watches mean?

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COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres) certification is an expensive certification that is awarded to a watch movement that has been tested and certified to meet very high standards of accuracy and precision.

COSC is an independent Swiss organization that was established in 1973 to certify the accuracy of chronometers, which are high-precision timepieces that have been tested and certified to meet specific standards of accuracy and reliability, with general timekeeping range of +/- 5 seconds per day

To be COSC certified, a watch movement must undergo a series of rigorous tests over a period of several days, during which the movement is subjected to various conditions and positions. The tests are designed to measure the movement's accuracy and precision under different circumstances, such as different temperatures and positions, and ensure that it meets COSC's strict standards for accuracy and reliability.

If a watch movement passes all of the tests, it is awarded the COSC certification, which is a guarantee of its accuracy and precision. The COSC certification is widely recognized as a mark of quality and excellence in the watch industry, and many high-end watch brands proudly display the certification on their watches.

It's important to note that the COSC certification only applies to the movement of a watch, not the entire watch itself. However, a COSC certified movement is generally considered to be a good indication of the overall quality and precision of the watch as a whole.

Why does Vaer not use COSC certification in its watches?

The short answer is cost. COSC certification costs over $400 which would add around $1200 to the retail price of any watch we sell. While COSC is an impressive designation, it's not necessary to achieve impressive accuracy, as many of our automatics already fall within the sub-10 seconds of variance per day.

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