Overview of the S3/S5 Tradition Field Watch

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The S3/S5 Tradition Field is a rugged, historically inspired field watch that stands out in the Vaer lineup for being one of our most affordable watch models.

First launched in the Spring of 2020, our Tradition Field watch has been a long-standing design within the Vaer lineup and will be featured most recently as the new S3/S5 Tradition Field. Similar to our other models, the S3 will be offered in a case dimension of 36mm, and the S5 in a case dimension of 40mm. With the new Tradition Field joining our Standard Issue Collection, we believe that we have truly combined the ideals of affordability, history, and rugged construction, all in one attainable watch. Let's explore what makes the new S3/S5 Tradition Field a great option for your collection.

A Nod to History

Born out of the necessity to easily tell the time in a remote environment, the field watch was one of the first types of time-tellers to be worn on the wrist. Quickly catching on as a necessity while out in the wilderness, the field watch took on many variations, from standard military issue designs to ones centered around the explorer ethos. One of the most iconic renditions to come from this aesthetic is the Rolex Explorer 1016. A simple, three-hand, time-only dial in a discreet case able to be worn on the wrist in the most trying environments and not feel cumbersome, is what defined the Rolex Explorer to become a historic field watch that is worthy of a modern nod. We, at Vaer, believe the new S3/S5 Tradition Field is the perfect complement to this timeless design, and worthy of your next adventure.

Dial Features and Case

The S3/S5 Tradition Field will stay true to its roots from previous Vaer renditions, as well as in the historic context, by featuring a high-contrast black dial with vintage yellow markers in the 3-6-9 variation, and minimal aesthetic for ultimate legibility. Both the S3 and S5 Tradition will feature without a date complication, with the Vaer logo just south of the 12 o'clock position, and 10ATM just north of the 6 o'clock position. The dial markers and numerals, as well as the syringe-style hands, will be equipped with superior C3 Superluminova in an "Old Radium" paint that gives our modern tool watch an aged and vintage feel (without the radioactivity, of course). The dial will be protected by a minimalistic brushed stainless-steel case with a screw-down case-back, and screw-down crown at the 3 o'clock position, which ensures this watch a minimum of 100m (10ATM) water resistance. The dial will also be encased by a flat sapphire crystal, which means that while the case may patina nicely, the crystal should be so scratch-resistant that it will stay clean and legible for the lifetime of your watch.

Within the Standard Issue Collection

Previously, the Tradition Field was a part of our C3/C5 USA Quartz Collection and has since moved into our Standard Issue Collection. Why did we make this transition? One of our founding principles from when we first started Vaer was that we wanted to combine design and functionality with affordability. In that sense, the S3/S5 Tradition fits perfectly within our Standard Issue Collection. Both models will retail starting at $159, and will come with the Vaer guarantee of two interchangeable watch straps included for ultimate flexibility in how you wish to wear your Vaer! We also guarantee the rugged construction of your watch, like all Vaer watches, through the use of 316L stainless steel, sapphire crystal, and screw-down case-backs and crowns for ultimate water resistance. We believe that the S3/S5 Tradition Field makes for a compelling homage to an iconic design in the history of field watches, and it all comes at a new and incredibly attainable price point. If you're looking for a great tool watch that punches well beyond its price point, then look no further!

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