How does Super-LumiNova (lume) paint work? How long does the glow last?

Ryan Torres Updated by Ryan Torres

The lume paint applied to our watches (and any watch using luminescent/luminous paint) must be exposed to sufficient daylight (or flashlight) in order to be "charged". Once charged, the lume should be strong enough to read in a dark room in the middle of the night.

As the lume paint simply re-emits light that it absorbs, it does not "illuminate" in the traditional sense (like an electronic light), rather it glows.

We can say with confidence that the lume strength in our watches competes with the lume strength of nearly any other watch out there at a similar price point.

If you're looking for stronger than average lume, then we recommend going with either our Tactical Field watches (with a large 25 layer helping of C3 Super-LumiNova) or one of our D4, D5, or D7 watches, which have higher Grade Super-LumiNova.

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