Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating

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AR Coating in watches is a visual compound coating that is applied to the watch crystal in order to help prevent it from reflecting light.

The purpose of AR coating is to improve the readability of the watch by limiting glare in the watch crystal.  There are a variety of chemical compounds available for use in watch crystals and tend to give the glass a slight blue or violet tint.

AR coating in watches rose to popularity during World War 2, based on fighter pilots' need to reflect glare on their watches at higher altitudes. Today, Anti-reflective coating is a popular technical upgrade is a popular feature on most premium tool and sport watches (including all Vaer watches).

While AR coating can be applied to both sides of the watch crystal, double-sided AR is impractical as it can easily get scratched.

The preferred method and the standard used on all Vaer watches is to only coat the underside of the crystal which is protected from scratches from the crystal itself.

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